3264. Some Hint on Educating to Be Happy

We teachers maybe tend to teach our students knowledge and skills, and it is okay, of course. However we have to remember that we’re educating people, persons, to be happy, ultimately. And it serves the purpose if we educate people, persons, to be mature. Psychologically mature.
Reason and will should dominate affections, feelings and sentiments – these latter ones may be good, of course. A happy person is the one that balances his reason or intelligence with his affections, feelings and sentiments. In other words his reason dominates his affections, feelings and sentiments.
It is not enough to teach him to have a nice communicative competence in English (for example, and which is okay, of course), but we must point at educating thorough and accomplished people, persons.
Affections, for example, should be oriented to what is rational and in accordance to human dignity. Even more, ultimately toward what makes that person happy. When I say happy I’m not referring to superficial gladness, like the one a healthy person can feel, but a profound and deep happiness, which includes all the arch of happiness, also gladness, and this latter may be good too.
We teachers must teach our students, since the age they’re young, to emit judgments about what they’re feeling right now and what they should carry on, toward happiness and plenitude.
Those kids must reason and then operate in the way that is in accordance of them as happy human beings and in accordance to human beings’ dignity too. In that way we’re doing things well, I would say. / Photo from: family-child-posting-a-letter-1903 Antiqua Print Gallery


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