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3470. How to Motivate Students: Some Hints

Obviously it is convenient and correct we teachers should try to keep discipline in the classroom. 
However, let’s not focus all our strength on managing the class. 
If we achieve to get our dear students focused on work, that work which is being carried out will make them more focused and roped in the lesson. In that way also we will help them become more interested in what is being developed in the classroom. 
And furthermore, more likely than not, they will be more motivated. 
Otherwise, if we devote too much effort and time to keeping them calm, we will not teach at all. It's kind of a balance, a nice balance. Have a nice weekend. / Photo from: Skyscrapers The RG Group

3469. Thank You Teachers and Other Readers!

I’ve been posting for ten years now. And you readers have made this possible, otherwise I’d have stopped posting long ago. Thank you very much for paying me a visit to my blog. 
Also I owe my students the experiences they’ve given me: I’ve learned a lot from you too. I come to class to teach… and to learn as well. 
There should be loyalty between the teacher and his or her students. The teacher comes to school to give him or herself to their students: each one is a unique diamond in need of making it better. Because learning hopefully makes us better persons. 
If the teacher tries to do his or her best, he or she is being loyal to their students. Thus I will hard try to say the truth always: I have to be loyal and faithful to my students. 
I have to try hard to work my best possible, and I must try to be the best person ever: I owe to my students. 
And what to do with our flaws as teachers? Well, we have to rectify our behavior and do our best. We also can count on the transcendent: we can…