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3513. Teaching with Affection Is Great

Teaching is so great. But it entails a big effort, right? In the classroom and out of the classroom we teachers have to strive to treat our students in a nice way. 
If the teacher really wishes his students would learn, he has to put all his self into action and that entails a big effort, as I said. 
The teacher, however, cannot teach as a mad man. He has to treat his students in a kind way. For that reason he has to teach whilst he’s thinking how to teach. 
For that reason he will teach in a serene way, thinking of what he’s doing. 
I had a friend who used to think while he was teaching. He was thinking and teaching at a nice rather slow rhythm. Not very slow, anyway. He did like that in order to be able to think while teaching. 
Also because of that he achieved to address each and every student, while he was presenting some issue. And he got to make his students contribute to the class by intervening a lot. His students intervened a great deal in the class. This one was not merely a spee…

3512. Important for Our Students: Learning How to Learn

We teachers do know that our dear students have to learn how to study, how to read with attention in order to memorize some concepts and relate them to one another. 
This way of studying entails some mental processes. And we teachers may be experts at this point. 
For that reason we should also dedicate some daily time to study ourselves. Also because we teachers have to recycle our knowledge and aptitudes. We are capable, likely, to help our dear students. We as adults have some special ways to study which can illustrate our students’ ways of studying. 
For example we can plan our daily studying. And thus we can teach our students how to plan this point. 
Also we know how to read for the gist. 
Also we know how to read and take in the main points and try to memorize them. 
Also we know ourselves and can deduce that at that or that specific times we’re more capable to memorize. 
Also we know how to relate our previous knowledge with something new. 
Also we have nice techniques for memorizing.…

3511. You Teacher, Relax and You Will Find the Solution

The main resource for classes is the teacher himself. And this teacher needs to have a growing capability for planning the lessons and for creating a nice atmosphere in the classroom for his students to learn better and better. 
This teacher needs to have a growing agile mind to face the problems he will likely encounter and even to boost his students’ eagerness to learn. 
Something I advise is for the teacher to make up the situation in which his students are. I mean, the teacher has to be able – through practice – to visualize each class of students and what they need most. For this class of students they need this, for that other class of students they need that, and so on. 
It’s a kind of clarity of mind to visualize what his students need most necessarily. 
Also I advise to carry out this task by strolling. Yes I sometimes carry out this kind of visualization by strolling along a park or the countryside, or other times by relaxing in an armchair and thinking about what my students ne…