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11. A good rapport learner/teacher

The teacher is concerned about the improvement of his or her students. Even more, she is concerned about the process of learning of every student, each student. She or he stops what she was going to say, and say, and say, and let one student say something. This latter person is the protagonist of the class! He, the teacher, gently praises the contribution of that student, the hit on the target, the correct reply to a question or a game. And the student notices that her teacher reckons and gives value to his/her participation. Hence, this student will carry on, and on, and on, with her or his learning - And this person will get more and more involved into the class.

10. Discipline in the class

Two things, though I could tell you more examples. Once upon a time one student said to his teacher of English, at the very beginning of the academic course, "Ok, man, but are you going to give me a Sobresaliente, or not?" butting in the introduction of the subject of English. The teacher stopped his speech, silenced down, and stared at the disruptive boy. Silence. Silence. The point was that, briefly speaking, the teacher tried to make this nice student to realize that this latter one had interrupted the class, the work of the teacher, so, something serious, his professional work, his planning of the class. In order to not make this post too long, I'll let you know further stuff about discipline. / Photo from

# 9. One game that facilitates communication

I will show you many helpful games that foster and boost speaking in the class. I was thinking of the one that my students like most. Maybe, what they call "The teacher". One group of my students are aged 10 to early 12. They adore this game. They hammer my mind in the class claiming for this game. It's so simple, but very communicative. One of them acts out as if he was the teacher. First we draw staws for, toss for the potential teacher, for example, they guessing one number from 1 to 10. And that's it. I give the chalk or the marker to him, and he comes forward. The "teacher" leads the class for some minutes. He only can speak English (broken English anyway) and sets games for his "students", etc., making them participate. I assure you I have had, we have had real fun. Just try and see. / Picture from

#8. Communicate, what for?

People communicate among them, with one another, at every moment, on the earth. We, teachers of languages, live on that. I normally say that a language is always something between two (at least). When reading a novel... too. Whenever. We receive enrichment from the other person. We, I, give enrichment to the "you".

Communication. I can tell you that me, as a Christian, that I, have the commandment to enrich the "you", to love "you". This is the why of our profession: communication.

Furthermore, I love you. Man cannot live without loving.

Aristotle said that that love is one of benevolence; that means, I want, I desire Good for the "you". Even more, right there, in my loving and being loved, we have a resemblance of God himself. It's like a streak, like a sparkle, that refer back to God. We have been created as a resemblance of God. We continue living now. And the source is God Himself. In the everyday thing, I treat with other "yous":…

#7. How communicate in the classroom?

Communication is the core point in the class. Speak all in English. Also the leading of the class, like instructions, orders, questions about just the going on of the class, albeit they don't understand everything. They will! - I'll tell you games to raise actual communication. Communication in the class is authentic communication. Give them points, like in a competition, a nice one, not too competitive or rude. Remember that at that moment you don't understand your L1, both the one of the students and yours, say for example, Spanish. In that way you are creating an English-speaking ambience. For sure. / Photograph from

#6. Our goal is not dud

This is the most important point to be said on this blog. We, teachers, teach English, or Thai, or Tamil, for communication sake. Better said, we help our students to communicate with the other one, with another person. The more you want to communicate, the more you will learn. / Photo from www pioeneernetwork net

#5. Bear with me.

The main intention I had with this blog is to leave the main lines of the methodology I utilize - just that: the point is to set my experiences on the Internet. Yet I'm starting to think I'm getting involved with further blogs - I don't know. I open my arms to any visitor. Anyways I might not have much time to work out my blog. Just wait what will go on... / Oh, pic from

#4. The secret of success.

These are my experiences - I'm not H D Brown, or Jane Arnold, or Antonio Bueno, just a simple teacher. Who is the person who achieves the goal of learning/acquiring a language? The person who really, really, really wants to. I'll tell you more, little by little. That person finds the way to learn, he or she is eager to learn. He, she will hit the jackpot. Bear me. However, in order to wish something, you need to know it before: nobody loves what she does not know, as Aristotle puts it. I do know some people who are improving more and more. / Pic from

#3. You, teacher, will achieve your goal!

On this blog I mainly intend to leave my "legacy". I also have a book about my own experience and my research about teaching English or any other language, to any age person. I will keep unfolding hints on this blog. Followe me just if you want to know my "secret" - About my book: it has not yet been published.

#2. Only in English!

From the very beginning start your class... speaking in English. Wait, Fernando, my students have no hint of any English - Normally I do it this way. I seldom say something in Spanish. They pretend I don't understand any Spanish at all. It's like a game. So, they have to say, just a word, to communicate with me in English, in order to win points in the competition-like class. They help one another, and finally I "understand", "Oh, you mean..." I say to them. It's so funny.

#1. Want success in teaching English?

Welcome to my blog. I will just tell you about my experiences at teaching. First thing: Have fun! As I just told you, I'll tell you what works out fine in my classes. Come along with me. I love teaching, I love teaching to any, any person. / Photograph from