Monday, December 5, 2016

3048. Educating Young People is Nice!

Young people have to be rebellious, in the good sense. Rebellious against what makes them be mediocre and common place. They have to be rebellious nowadays, against what makes them become like beasts.
Because the young people who don’t find obstacles cannot be good and virtuous: they show themselves as good when they find obstacles to jump over: hard times, wars, lack of what’s necessary for living, hard day-to-day, even just daily education!
Now there are good young people at many places: those who have to behave as human people at those difficult and tough situations, or at simple daily situations too! For example they don’t want to be dragged by drugs, alcohol, sex, but they want to be as they are, human beings.
Spanish famous doctor and writer Gregorio Marañón used to say a good young person is good when he or she has to find obstacles in their way, because good with no difficulties is simple and easy. He wrote about this in an article of 1966.
Think now of a rebel: a good one, in the good sense of “good”: he or she is capable of jumping over and overwhelming obstacles in his or her way to become a mature person. Young people shouldn’t be dull, blunt and obtuse. What youngsters do we want to educate? Youth is the age of ideals, which can be traced and observed in young people’s thirst for what’s genuine.
Think of ideals like generosity, patriotism, helping other people, love, citizenship, environmental friendship, manliness, solidarity, beauty. We teachers should remember all this when we have our dear students in front of us, day after day. / Photo from: great-family-excursion TripAdvisor. The picture may show nice family relationships.

Saturday, December 3, 2016

3047. It'll give you prestige!

I’ve advised you to plan your lessons, right? Now I would tell you we teachers should be flexible about that planning.
I mean, you know, if we see an activity is not right at certain moment, because our dear students need something different, we could skip that activity and proceed into the next one from the planning.
Flexibility is a necessary skill every teacher should have. Also if you notice such or such activity is getting boring for our students we should also skip it, and proceed into the next one or even sometimes the best thing is to right away change all the planning thing. It’s up to you and your students’ needs.
So remember, flexibility. Practice and experience will tell you about that point.
Something else: planning our classes and lessons provide prestige to us as teachers. Lesson planning shows a thorough labor from you and gives you prestige, something you need to enhance a moral prestige and authority. You need those authority and prestige to help your students - I don't mean prestige for a selfish end. / Photo from: man-at-computer Essay World. The picture might be showing a committed teacher.

Friday, December 2, 2016

3046. Connecting People Again!

If we’re English language teachers it is sensible to say all in that language, in case our students can understand us in the target tongue.
We should bear and resist the temptation of saying for example the meaning of a word in the students’ mother language – namely Spanish – when they can understand all in the target language. Even when their level of English is not high. And this is so because we wish to create an immersion atmosphere in English, where things are thought in the target tongue.
If we said something in Spanish we could beg their pardon by smiling and then turn and shift back to English. We should say all or 99% in English.
I would like you readers reckon we teachers are connecting people by means of communication among them! We teachers are carrying out something human and humane: making people communicate in English! Even at a world scale: it’s something we can’t forget and leave to oblivion: we’re doing something grand – people link to one another by means of communication, and we’re making that goal into something possible! / Photo from: Police HowardWill. The picture shows two people communicating with each other.

Thursday, December 1, 2016

3045. The Best Friendship Ever!

Something great among our students is friendship.
And generosity enhances and boosts it. The friends you meet when you’re a schoolboy or a schoolgirl you don’t forget them ever, do you? We can remember some or many of the classmates we had in our childhood and adolescence.
Our students are creating friendships that won’t ever be forgotten. Giving to others, being generous with one another, lending school material greatly reinforce that comradeship.
Something curious that happens to me is that I can better recall my friends’ last names or surnames than their first names…
You have spent time with those people that you’ll never forget. You have spent some experiences that mark your life. The first experiences at important things: the first girls you liked, exams and tests, the first confessions, the large science lab, the best teachers ever, firecrackers and bonfires, the first climbing the city walls, I don’t know, the first sport teams at basketball – I was never taken out to play, since I was so bad… In few words you’ve shared nice common things. At those friendships you used to give the best from you! As also our teachers gave the best of them: how grand they were, most of them! / Photo from: touroperators0915 Travel + Leisure. Also family experiences are recorded forever!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

3044. My Students Love Stories!

Who has not worked on readers and abridged and simplified books when teaching English or any other language?
They’re great. In my opinion the first goal is for our students to understand and enjoy and delight what they’re reading. The main point when reading a novel can be enjoying reading it. For that goal our students should be able to understand what they’re reading, and so they might have to look up some words in their dictionaries or online dictionaries. Or they could try to guess the meaning of new words from the context, which is good practice for them!
Moreover classics and other books bring about educating values: generosity, love, friendship, patriotism, endurance, honesty, sincerity, courage, magnanimity, professionalism… Those books foster kind of a school of values and virtues alike.
Besides they can be useful as assigned homework, but always taking into account our students also have other school subjects and probably other homework tasks to fulfill. As well at home the main goal could be reading and enjoying. On the next-day class the teacher could ask them what new words they have learned and how, opening up a nice discussion about learning strategies. Some students could so learn from their classmates, and from the teacher too. Literature is great! / Photo from: crystal-cruise-shore-excursion Luxe Travel

Monday, November 28, 2016

3043. On Nice Class Management

I’ve written for long about class management and classroom discipline, and you can consult the labels or tags at the right column of my blog.
Okay then, I would add that the best discipline is the teacher’s moral authority, the one gained because of his prestige as a teacher. Moreover also the best discipline is self-discipline: the one gained by some students that are convinced they wish to learn and acquire English.
I’ve seen it in real life.
As well and in order to reinforce those discipline and class management the teacher can, from time to time, talk to his students about the positive value that is paying attention and behaving well: they will gain more than if otherwise they become disruptive.
Discipline and class management are built day after day, with a perseverant labor and welfare at the classroom, both by the students and by their teacher. Thus we as teachers can converse, discuss, talk at the classroom with our students for these latter ones to get persuaded the best thing they can do is to behave well. It is them who wish to learn, and so they just do not confine to be silent, but to intervene and contribute to the lesson by their nice participation.
As I said, this is something gained day after day, but it is a realistic goal anyway. It is something gotten over time, let’s be patient, and let’s also talk with veteran teachers about our everyday struggle. / Photo from: Green flag. I like sport cars but I think they're a luxury.