3525. On Motivating Our Students: Some More Hints

All of us teachers need a class with our students in a peaceful environment, right? We wish that environment! 
Well, we have to set that peaceful atmosphere, but it’s a business of our students too: not all depends upon us teachers. 
If our students get engaged in the activity, more likely they will work, and work in a gentle way. So, it’s important our students would get engaged. Demotivated students may be disruptive, so disruptive. 
Also, if they know how to work that activity out, they may get engaged. Otherwise they may distract their classmates and us their teachers! If they understand the activity, they can work fine. Moreover, in that way they will have some nice self-esteem. If they don’t understand the activities, they may feel bad and eventually also their self-esteem can fall down. 
As well we have to make them participate and contribute to the class, for they together with us their teachers are the protagonists of the class! So, class management is setting a nice atmosphere o…

3524. How to Plan Efficient Lessons, Some Hints

Lesson planning is necessary and takes us teachers quite a lot of time, right? I would like to facilitate you teachers that labor. If possible. 
Something I lately do when planning the activities is first of all writing a few goals for that class-group I’m going to teach: What do they need? What should I do as their teacher to accomplish they – my students – would learn English the sooner the better? How are they? 
Thus, before the lesson plan proper I write just three or four lines – short ones – about the main aims or goals for those students. 
Also, something I usually do is to sit down comfortably or stroll for leisure while thinking about what I must take into account for my class-groups: Just what they, my students, need and what is the most important objective for my class-periods. 
It’s an insight that I carry out with ample lenses, like it was a view from the sky, or with other words, what is the most important point for my students at this moment? – we’re at midcourse now, at th…

3523. Teaching as a Motivating Job

It’s their parents who have to educate their kids, okay. And their teacher has also to set an example. Okay too. An example like taking care of our planet. We teachers are instructing those students, in math, the second language, history, biology, minerology, other sciences, literature… And when we are teaching, while that is happening, also we are educating those young people. In accordance to their parents. 
We should call up those parents to come to the school to have a meeting about their children. 
Okay, well, any teaching action in the classroom, whatever the subject is, should set an example. We teachers are public persons, and thus we have to set that good example. Any teaching action should be educative. Any action in the classroom should provide teaching, promote an aptitude, promote some upright human value. 
And it’s so because of the relationship between the teacher and the students in the classroom… or at any other place within the school area. Well also outside the school …

3522. A Relaxed Teacher in the Classroom

Some teachers do not feel well in the classroom, because they feel somewhat anxious, they say. But, if you let me tell you, don’t you attend the class in order to seek what is good and convenient for your dear students? I would like for you to be somewhat relaxed in the classroom. I apply that principle to me myself.
Better said, some sane and nice tension is desirable in order to attain your jobs as teachers of your class-groups. Teaching ensues some easy tension, let’s say: You cannot teach or work anywhere else without some tranquil tension, so as to say. 
Those class-groups together with you make up working-teams, where everyone can contribute to the learning processes. 
Education is precisely to extract from your students the best from themselves. Education also is leading our dear students toward becoming better persons and ones that can afford their own lives. 
As well we have to educate our students in accordance with what their parents wish for them. 
In some way we teachers instr…

3521. Something Helpful for Your Day-to-Day Working in the Classroom

Teaching? I love it. That does not mean it’s not hard – at some extent. 
If you’re a teacher – or otherwise any other job, I would advise you to plan your lessons in the following way, to fulfill your job in the following way. 
When lesson-planning, you may think of one or two things you know are convenient for your students. Then plan the activities with your students in mind. And… you know what? It’s so and pretty convenient you should love your students. That makes the difference. Love of benevolence. 
That is: wish what is good for them. In other words: seek what is good for them. Even we should sacrifice for them: get so committed with teaching them and not just fulfilling the strict duty and that’s it. 
The teacher who gives himself to his students is able to accomplish that stupendous goal. That makes the difference, I can confess to you. 
It’s quite many teachers’ experience. What teachers can we remember from our childhood? Best and in a most delighted way the teachers who did the…

3520. Getting the Students Engaged with Work in the Classroom

Yesterday I told you that in order to keep some nice behavior management in the classroom we have to focus upon two points: Getting our students engaged with work and Maintaining some good rapport with those students of ours. 
I teach English, I can tell you. Unless I get my students interested in activities that meet their interests, hardly will I get them roped with those exercises. 
I teach adults. In some of my group-classes I can see the activities I implement are related to their need of learning English. For example, they need English for traveling somewhere else, abroad. Okay then I should implement activities like those ones in all my group-classes. 
Secondly, I can also see that in the group-classes where I have gotten more acquaintance with my students I have fewer behavior problems, even none. In order to accomplish more acquaintance with my students I just treat them, both within and out of the classroom, with affection, yet I’m not their buddy at all. Have a nice week.

Posting Soon Again!

Well I hope to be with you all again pretty soon. Now I have some problems at utilizing a computer to post. I do want to be with you all again. I've got to use someone else's computer. Such is life! Otherwise things are going well - in general. Be attentive to my posting soon!

Now also I can tell you that for behavior problems in the classroom two things that are pretty good are: Getting the students engaged in the activities plus getting some nice rapport with them through getting acquainted with them verily!

I wish you all a happy new year 2020!