Wednesday, March 29, 2017

3143. On Using the Internet in the Classroom

If you’re not integrating social media into your class, you’re ignoring one of the most powerful forms of literacy in the world today.
I copied that quote a couple days ago. I’ve got to admit I’m not a digital native, first premise. For I was born in 1969 (!). I was born when computers were being made smaller for the trips to the Moon (!). Up to then a computer might take up a whole room (!).
Anyway I should listen to that quote and I want to.
A second premise should be that we’ve got to boost our students into the social media in the classroom too. Also by taking into account that in some way we teachers should filter the social media contents our students are about to watch in the Web. Because they should focus on the topics to search about.
I was going to write about the consequences of that quote of the beginning of this article, but you may be (for sure!) younger than me and may be integrating your students into the social media. Up to today what I do with my adult students regarding the new technologies is making them look up some word in an online dictionary in their smartphones, and a bit else. What to do then?
By the way I shouldn’t say “new technologies” when most of you readers may be using them since you were conscious as young children. It’d be different if I had kids in my classes – currently I teach grown-ups, except in summer, when I assist at English-language camps for boys. Well, I’ve got to stop here. On next post I’ll try to write a bit more on this issue: social media as the way of getting into modern literacy. / Photo from: www pinterest com. The picture is a nice illustration.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

3142. Teaching Adults is Simply Great!

Lessons with grown-ups are great! Besides those lessons enrich the teacher too and for a great deal, because the students have many things to tell you, also after the lesson or at recesses. And from the way they work they can teach you a lot. It’s my case now.
As well those lessons take them somehow to their young age, when they were kids or young people, but now with a lot more of experience and a way of learning and acquiring which is nice, plus some learning strategies that make them some of the best students ever.
Moreover those lessons, in themselves, make those people become more active intellectually and that makes for it.
Those lessons encourage them and move their mood, and provide a taste of youth, when they were young. If they’re retired people those classes take them out of home and make them relate with other people. Adults may be some of the best students I’ve had.
Still they can do many great things of course, and those lessons can help them do things for the community and for other adult people, like asking questions in the target language to one another in the classroom – questions are often asked by the teacher but the students also have to practice making questions in English, our common target language.
Something interesting too: we speak in English both before and after the lessons, so the classroom is kind of a piece of land where English is spoken, like from an English-speaking country! Most of them have traveled abroad and have been to countries where English is spoken, so they can conduct in English! / Photo from: Black Box Vending

3141. Have a Nice Day!

Tentatively I’m not posting today, well maybe later. But you can read my previous posts: I said a lot on them. Like I said maybe I’m posting later. Have a nice day! / Photo from: Bicycle-Safety-On-The-Road AAA Exchange

Monday, March 27, 2017

3140. Making Up a Cozy Atmosphere

The only way for our students to learn and acquire the target language or any other school subject is to make up a cozy, human and humane atmosphere in the classroom. But this is compatible with discipline, class management, and hard working. Of course it is.
We teachers have to treat our students also in a transcendent way: let’s consider people, or persons, have a spiritual part of their being. Even more, they’re children of God, and not less than that! Let’s treat our students with a supernatural view. That’s the only way for treating them okay and nice, and as they deserve.
If we see people, persons, souls, we shall be able to treat our students in an appropriate way, corresponding to their nature, and according to their way of being.
If I’m a man, and have to teach a girl, a beautiful one – or otherwise if she were rather ugly anyway – I should view in her a child of God and a person with a spiritual part and a biography that I have to contribute in a nice, prudent and respectful way – of course I could think she’s beautiful too.
Currently I teach both men and women, and I must treat them with exquisite respect, the one a human person deserves. And with deference.
Okay, Fernando, but is all that not too much theoretical or non-practical? You know, when addressing them I must be prudent and nice, and I should learn how to appreciate their targets and right answers to my prompts as a teacher, and subsequently congratulate them in a nice way.
A point of humor: I’m using and overusing the word “nice” too much, but in my communicative competence in English I can’t find another nice word…
Summing up: I must recognize their efforts and strivings and struggling to learn and acquire English and have got to tell them, Okay people, you’re doing so fine, and you’re improving a lot, my congrats! I will treat those people as clever ones. And with prudence, discernment and judgment. / Photo from: Bus-stop throughmyspecs com. Although on the picture there are many people, all of them deserve my particular and individual respect.

3139. Our Students May Be Nice!

If we teachers treat our students politely and respectfully, more likely we’ll be respected too. Or over time maybe. As simple as that. It’s something I’ve seen, as you may have seen too.
Teens may tend to be disruptive. Some or many of them at least, okay. But even they themselves are confused about themselves. They don’t understand themselves. For example one adolescent may reply a bit harsh to his teacher, but quite often maybe he pretty soon realizes that his answer was not nice.
I can remember myself that when I was a kid, some 14 years, one day one of my high school or secondary education teachers asked me why I looked tired and with my head between my hands and if I was okay, and I told him – he was a nice person and very honorable – that at that moment my head seemed heavy or something like that – a rather silly reply you know, and after some time I realized I had given him a silly and ugly answer.
Many of our teenager students may be doing nonsense and silly things, but we adults should be patient with them and take into account that we may be sowing seeds now that will spring in the future and this is pretty remarkable: Who among us teachers, tell me, have never hassled and caused some trouble either to our parents or our teachers or both?
Let’s be nice but firm with our kid students and we’ll be hitting the target on the very center. / Photo from: aviva-mile-challenge-girls-pic athleticsireland ie. Those girls on the pic look nice people.

Sunday, March 26, 2017

3138. Why So Many Teachers Are Nice?

The teacher? He or she is the main lesson resource. If we want an effective teaching at our schools let’s take care of the teachers.
Anyway at a school the order of assisting them should be the parents and families, then the teachers, and then the students. I learned about this when I was teaching at a school north of Granada, in the fantastic province of Jaén, where people are so kind and nice...
My first years at that school were terrible, but very instructive anyway: I learned what a teacher should not do, this is, to be kind of a sergeant.
But today is Sunday and the weather is bright: I went for a walk in shirt sleeves – do you say so? You know what I mean.
Well I was saying that for a teacher one of the most important things is his or her family, and he or she should devote as much time as possible to them, because teaching is so demanding and time consuming. As you know, some many Sundays I don’t post. Or a brief something, like today. I also wanted to see to a bugging problem at my Blogger program. Have a nice Sunday and a nice week, nice people! / Photo from: what_is_creative_teaching NEA Today