Tuesday, July 22, 2014

1865. Ok, books, but which books about educating?

Ok, we have to read books about educating, but which ones? 

In Spain and in other countries we have the series of "Hacer familia. Educar en valores", of the publisher "Ediciones Palabra". From my experience these books are really useful and helpful. 

1864. Educating today?

Our grandparents knew how to educate their children: some principles plus common sense. 

Today educating is not enough with those principles and common sense. Now it is much more different and difficult, for the external hedonist pressure is big, among other reasons. 

Parents nowadays have to learn to educate and have to turn to books about educating. / Photo from: www clinicaser com

Monday, July 21, 2014

1863. Communication within the family

It's of a paramount importance that there should be a stream of communication between parents and their children, otherwise for example the boy will come up with his best and closest friend to tell him his things, and maybe that friend is not prepared to give good advice. / Photo from: preschooler thebump com

1862. Back soon!

I will try to post again soon!

Thursday, July 17, 2014

1861. Intuition as a helper to learn a language

Ok, but what is intuition? On post # 1860 I wrote about intuition when learning/acquiring a language.
I write “learning/acquiring” because both can be achieved by a learner, at the same time, at the same class.
Intuition is something that popularly is connected more with women… perhaps.
Anyway, obviously a male learner can have a great intuition.
Intuition is like guessing what for example two people are talking about by means of extra-language helps and indications.
It has a lot of guessing, but it’s something else. I cannot say more things to define intuition. Just intuition is there, inside the learner. We kind of guess and find out about for instance two people are talking at a TV show. / Photo from: www flare com. disneys oscar nominated animation movie

1860. Some people who achieved to learn a language

Stevick, in his book about people who achieved to learn a language, wrote also about intuition.
The premise is that a Nordic, a Scandinavian girl tried to understand what two teachers were talking about. She was in the classroom and a native teacher went into the classroom.
So the two teachers were talking to each other.
By means of what she could understand, plus gestures, face expressions, the context, and something else I now do not remember, she was able to understand quite much of the conversation, also by means of intuition.
Intuition is an aid that our students and we ourselves can count on when learning and acquiring a foreign or a second language. / Photo from: Disney’s paperman_by_tamasaburo89-wallpaper.  hdwallpapers com