Friday, October 31, 2014

2036. Your children's friends: do you know them?

I have encountered moms that said that it would be impossible that their sons and daughters would drink alcohol or have a close confidence with a girl or with a boy. 

I'm referring to teens. 

I would say those moms and dads too to open their eyes, and find out with whom their children go out. Sometimes their friends, the kids’ friends I mean, are rascals and smoke crack (sorry) and get drunk, I'm afraid. 

Henceforth a mom could tell his son to bring his friends to have a snack at home some evenings, so that mom can meet and know his friends. / Photo from: K12-es-mom-son-computer-hug www k12 com

Thursday, October 30, 2014

2035. How do adults acquire a language?

First premise: adults can acquire English or another language, not merely learn it. 

I have written some posts about this fact. 

How do adults acquire a language? 

By listening a lot plus intuition about what is being said. According to my class experience, they can reach speaking in English at least for a while. 

The process of intervening in class has been: words, phrases, sentences, speaking for a while. / Photo from: landscape-trees-nature-lake-flowers-path-sky-clouds-2146140 www wallspick com

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

2034. Educating students in sensitivity

Something that seems sound is to take our students to an art exhibition or an archeological museum or to an excursion to the countryside. 

The point is making them more contemplative and also because fine arts for example, educate them, making them more delicate and capable of appreciating both beauties of nature or artificial ones. 

Besides, since we’re teachers of English or another language, we can implement some work or a work project, from the simple: “Write about your experience at the countryside today” to work projects. 

Therefore the point is to educate their sensitivity, and sometimes be less rude. / Photo from: Ideal-landscape miriadna com

2033. I have a pile of sheets to tell you still

I have written more than two thousand and thirty posts, and I still think I’ve got lots of things to tell you. 

Every day something happens in class or I turn to bibliography to pass knowledge and performance to you. 

Thank you for stopping by my blog, and thank you to the people that follow me more or less.

Monday, October 27, 2014

2032. The key thing in marriage

What may the main problem within the marriage be? 

I think it has to do with lack of communication. 

I will explain. Imagine both work out. 

The housework is carried out by both, though she’s the main factor here. Women have precisely femininity. They’re more “designed” to look after the house and the children. However he, the husband, helps out more and more. 

Nevertheless there’s little of communication, of deep communication. Ok, they carry out the housework, but she needs to tell SOMEONE about her day out and the family’s issues. 

Such is the marriage’s life. 

A time for her to tell her husband all things must be found. 

I propose one: the kids are in bed already, and the couple remains alone in the lounge. Today’s housework has already been done. Right now she can release and deliver her little (usually) trouble and problems. Let’s be honest: he NEEDS to tell his stuff of today to someone too. 

Now it’s the time for a tranquil conversation and exchange of points of view. 

It’s better so: otherwise the woman in the husband’s life will be the secretary, and on that pathway we’re going wrong, is this right? / Photo from: How-Talking-Helps-Marriage-mdn www womansday com

Sunday, October 26, 2014

2031. Do you plan your classes?

Some teachers attend their classes with some ideas to implement. 

I advise you, if you like, to plan each and every class on written notes. 

I personally think of the students I have and their necessities and expectations, and then I plan the activities I shall implement in the class. 

The point now lately is for them to listen to me massively, and start to make them speak in English, with some meaningful contents for them. 

What else? 

I don’t have any perspective of my own classes: if one of you fellows would attend my classes could remark any other point. Oh, I bear in mind the previous class or classes, so as to make a continuum or plot in the line of their learning and acquiring English. / Photo from: young woman with laptop English teacher www young-germany de