Tuesday, July 29, 2014

1887. Making a schedule is sensible

In Spain vacations start later and also the academic year begins later. The end of the academic year is about the end of June, and the beginning of the new academic year is on the second or third week of September. 

So now kids have a lot of holidays in front of them in Spain. 

It seems sensible for kids to have a schedule of vacation days. Ask your sons and daughters to draw one. 

And negotiate the usage of video games - may kids learn the delight of reading a book or an e-book. 

Kids shouldn't abuse of time dedicated to video games. During the academic year they should devote some hours to homework (study and exercises). / Photo from: happy-girl-doing-homework www sheknows com

1886. The summer English course: successful

Thank God the summer camp of English has been a success. 

Tomorrow Wednesday July 30 we have our last classes of English, and on 31 we return home. 

Some students came from so distant Galicia - 13 hours by van. 

The teachers did it well - we had two teachers and two levels. 

The language skill the students have practiced mostly is speaking, perhaps the most necessary skill among the four ones: listening, speaking, reading and writing. 

Besides the course was short, so we had to focus on one skill. 

When back to school in September I notice the kids that have spent part of their vacaction in such a program as ours - they're more fluent and familiar with speaking. / Photo from: junior-school-classroom. www dulwich org uk 

1885. Interesting books about education

The books recommended on post # 1884 are not only for parents: they can be useful for teachers, educators and adolescents. / Photo from: www 2nau edu

1884. Books about education and values

On post # 1865 I recommended you about some useful books about education. 

There is a series with some books in English (and in Spanish of course). The collection is "Hacer familia. Educar en valores" of the publisher "Ediciones palabra". 

epalsa@edicionespalabra.es, and www.edicionespalabra.es 

You can order some of the books. They're practical, deep, amusing, easy to read, with tricks and tips. There are some in English. / Photo from: 

Monday, July 28, 2014

1883. Watching movies helps

In the current English course we have watched a movie in English, with the subtitles or captions in Spanish, the students' mother language. 

I'm not in favor of doing so: I prefer that the students would watch the movie with the captions in English. 

Anyway, has it helped the students to associate spoken English with written Spanish? 

As I said I prefer to play a movie in English with the subtitles also in that language. / Photo from: mugglenet com. Hogwarts Harry Potter's school

1882. No vanity

Praise students' effort and struggling, gently, but do not praise his qualities, aptitudes... because these latter ones lead the kid to vanity.