Sunday, February 10, 2019

3471. You Readers Deserve My Keeping Posting!

You dear readers deserve I keep posting. From time to time at least. 

Today I wanted to say, with so great expert Henry Douglas Brown, that the language teacher, like me an English-language teacher, should not confine to teach language facts but altogether teach and help his students to use and utilize the language, so in a practical way: languages exist to be used, to serve the purpose of communicating among human persons. 

Thus we have an also great job: language teachers. I love my job, I love my students. Have a nice week, fellow readers.

Like I said you deserve my posting, more if in any case it may be any useful to you. Is it so? I want to write for you!

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

Here I am!

I'm fine: sorry for not saying anything about me lately. Later on I might post again, less frequently, though. Have a nice day!

Friday, December 7, 2018

3470. How to Motivate Students: Some Hints

Obviously it is convenient and correct we teachers should try to keep discipline in the classroom. 

However, let’s not focus all our strength on managing the class. 

If we achieve to get our dear students focused on work, that work which is being carried out will make them more focused and roped in the lesson. In that way also we will help them become more interested in what is being developed in the classroom. 

And furthermore, more likely than not, they will be more motivated. 

Otherwise, if we devote too much effort and time to keeping them calm, we will not teach at all. It's kind of a balance, a nice balance. Have a nice weekend. / Photo from: Skyscrapers The RG Group

Monday, December 3, 2018

3469. Thank You Teachers and Other Readers!

I’ve been posting for ten years now. And you readers have made this possible, otherwise I’d have stopped posting long ago. Thank you very much for paying me a visit to my blog. 

Also I owe my students the experiences they’ve given me: I’ve learned a lot from you too. I come to class to teach… and to learn as well. 

There should be loyalty between the teacher and his or her students. The teacher comes to school to give him or herself to their students: each one is a unique diamond in need of making it better. Because learning hopefully makes us better persons. 

If the teacher tries to do his or her best, he or she is being loyal to their students. Thus I will hard try to say the truth always: I have to be loyal and faithful to my students. 

I have to try hard to work my best possible, and I must try to be the best person ever: I owe to my students. 

And what to do with our flaws as teachers? Well, we have to rectify our behavior and do our best. We also can count on the transcendent: we can rely on God our Father and ask him for help. Secondly we can also count on our colleagues all over the world through the Internet. And then we hopefully can count on our school peer teachers. Have a nice week. / Photo from: manualidades-g 15 cosas de casa para reciclar y hacer manualidades

Friday, November 30, 2018

3468. How to Write Essays and Research: Some Hints

We teachers should educate our dear students in working well. Both if they have to write essays or to research about some issue or topic. Those are examples of chances when our students have to learn and acquire how to work well. 

We have to teach them how to write neatly, and also by reading the exercise instructions well, if the case. So, first they have to read the instructions carefully, and then respond to the requirement of the instructions. 

Reading and understanding those instructions are half of the work carried out!

As well those young people will be instructed at writing neatly since when they are young children. 

Regarding researching about a topic when they’re older, they will be taught to research on the Internet, for instance. 

They will learn how to select the appropriate information and discard unimportant stuff. For that they’ll be trained at viewing websites. And better if they carry out that research inside the classroom, at the teacher’s presence. He or she will invigilate that research. 

As well they should be taught and educated how to avoid inconvenient websites. That visiting the Internet will be taught with their parents’ consent and approval. Have a nice weekend. / Photo from: Kids-playing-soccer The SAE School. What a responsibility we have at educating families’ children! Yet it is something great and beautiful!

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

3467. Do You Have Any Sense of Humor?

We teachers have to take care of the school learning community. For that reason we will treat our students tactfully and with consideration. 

They may be young people that are learning, and that learning should be in a rather relaxed way. That is not against discipline. I mean, we can treat our students as intelligent persons and at the same time we are not naïve concerning discipline. 

Furthermore, if we have gotten a discipline atmosphere, we can treat our students as those intelligent persons. 

As well we teachers should avoid a rather harsh atmosphere: discipline is absolutely compatible with treating those people as civilized ones. Even we’ll try to treat our students as somehow friends: all of us are learning and constitute a learning community. 

Even we should treat our students with exquisiteness and politeness. We’ll greet them good morning and so on. 

And when reprimanding someone aside we’ll appeal to his responsibility, and we will never humiliate him. Even when a sound atmosphere of politeness and discipline have been achieved, we will have no problem so as smiling at them when necessary, and often it is necessary: a nice atmosphere of mutual collaboration will be tried to attain. Have a nice day, fellow readers. / Photo from: kim zwijndrecht nl. I tried to post a nice picture.