Saturday, November 22, 2014

2062. Do you know your studying skills?

The point with many students isn’t just to be more responsible about their studies but to learn about your skills, trust them, and reckon you can always learn to study better. 

Somebody wrote that in a leaflet in Spanish I found. I translated it into English and here you are. / Photo from: www detusalud com

Friday, November 21, 2014

2061. Father and son

Parents can be the best friends of their children. 

The point is to hold a fluent communication between parents and their children. 

According to Teresa Artola obviously the interests and likes of both parts are different, but a confidence between parents and children can be built up. 

The son or the daughter doesn’t expect their parents be equal to their gang friends, but they do expect you dad or mom behave as parents. 

For this aim something essential is both father and mother have prestige, I mean, he or she are coherent and faithful to what they say. As well both dad and mom should open up to their world and interests. / Photo from: father_son_talking_on_bench www landryamps com

Thursday, November 20, 2014

2060. Treating teens

An adolescent, a teen may get confused by his own ways of conducting and replying to others: his family, his parents, his friends, his classmates… 

He is not a child anymore. This process of evolution takes years of time. 

When he realizes of all that can be at ten years in boys. He’s starting to become an adolescent. 

Because of all this confusion he tries to set a border between him and the others. 

For example when he’s ten years, he tends to shout: it’s a way to show that he isn’t a child any longer, but he is someone. 

His parents can become somewhat puzzled because of this behavior and this change. Yet they and his teachers should know what happens at adolescence and more specifically what is going on with that specific person. 

His adults ought to treat him as an adult: he has his own way of thinking, or he is creating it in some way. 

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

2059. Love of benevolence educates

The kid is educated by whom he knows loves him with love of benevolence. 

The kid should notice this tactfulness for example at tutoring sessions. At those moments he is being educated firmly and tactfully. However, as well in classes too. / Photo from: www 11plustutoringacademy co uk

2058. The best teacher

The best teacher is not the one with more knowledge but the one that educates the best, and makes his students realize of their skills. 

Something that sort was said by Majón. 

Also that teacher knows how to challenge his students and expects a lot from them. / Photo from:  magazine wfu edu

2057. Kids adore stories

As an answer to a question of one of you about books to learn languages, I would recommend classics and abridged versions. 

Think of universal classics of literature. They provide values too. 

Concerning whether it’s ok to use a dictionary while reading my reply is a qualified yes. Dictionaries of English, better if bilingual, are a key factor for understanding a reader or a book. / Photo from: 467x267-dadreadingwithkids-ts www pbs org