Sunday, April 20, 2014

1726. Preparando para los exámenes de Cambridge

Hoy me dirijo especialmente a mis seguidores de habla hispana que no dominan bien el inglés. 

Efectivamente al preparar a una persona para los exámenes de inglés de Cambridge, opino que si no hay mucho tiempo hasta el examen, se practique la comunicación oral sobre todo. 

Para mí la destreza del listening es la más difícil. 

Tenemos que conseguir que el candidato se suelte, lo más posible, en el habla. En el examen oral debe intentar llevar la voz cantante, para que no sea el examinador el que saque “con sacacorchos” mensajes y oraciones y texto oral; el candidato debe hacer casi descansar al examinador. 

Cuando hay otro candidato más para la parte de conversación, por un lado hay que aprender a tomar la palabra con educación, dejando hablarle, de modo que incluso así le ayudemos; esto es compatible con que el candidato que estamos preparando tome la palabra a la mínima, mejor si es con una sonrisa. / Foto de: alumnos en clase. www lavanguardia com

Saturday, April 19, 2014

1725. All in English definitely

Me, explaining some things to my students in L1 (Spanish)? 

Next Monday I will try to explain everything in L2 (English). I’m referring to talking about the presentations they should carry out in English. That is logistics, but even that should be explained in English definitely. 

I make my students a favor if I speak in English: they’ll understand more and more. I will speak in clear and well-articulated English, because some of my students have a lower level of English. I’m going to assist my explanations with the aid of the whiteboard and examples of core stuff of those presentations. / Photo from: at midnight lighthouse in northern norway by Reinhard Pantke

1724. The way you dress, the way you are

Student girls can dress however they want to, but I know a teacher that gives them some ideas about dressing. 

They can dress attractively, but within moderation and modesty. 

The important point is the girl herself. She should win values and virtues, and so they will look attractive too. 

I see it in some girls and women. I see some of them, when talking to them, that they also have an interior life that makes them attractive. If a girl has peace inside, she will show it outside and she will be so peaceful. For Alejandro Palacios Martín: thank you for having included me into your circles. / Photo from: girl student. madisoncollege edu

Friday, April 18, 2014

1723. A hard training for an exam

At present I’m training a candidate for the examinations of Cambridge University. 

His level is too low for First Certificate. However he does need that diploma. 

I train him for the aural parts and writing. The other parts of the examination can be practiced by himself, on his own – he has the keys and answers. 

Albeit he is that low I know I’ve got to train him. In the classes I’m learning that positive motivation is okay with him; instead of letting him know what doesn’t work I encourage him and tell him what correct is. 

Moreover we’re practicing against the clock: the exam can be soon. 

I take advantage of what he already knows, to try to push him up, and create a nice atmosphere. He feels good after such a positive motivation – anyway I make him many corrections. 

One other point is that I’m using British English because the exam is, as I said, for Cambridge University – I don’t mind the change in the variety of English, of course. / Photo from: exam invigilation. www examwatch com au

1722. The aural part of an exam of English

I’ve seen again that I have had many pageviews from Ukraine. I keep praying for you all. 

Today I wanted to say something about the aural skills in an exam. 

For example, when you don’t know a word, you could explain its meaning, and hopefully the examiner will tell you the missing word. 

Before an aural exam or the aural part of an exam, something sound is to read in English for a while before the actual exam. 

Obviously you should speak as much as possible in the speaking part of the examination. You politely can say many things, so as to take the main weight of that part. We examiners like to relax after listening to many students. 

If the speaking part is with another candidate, you should interact with him or her, so cooperate with their speaking. In that case you could add things to what the other candidate is saying, and this would give you more points, and at the same time you’re helping him or her too. 

Finally ask your guardian angel for help and assistance, and also turn to the other people’s angels: the examiner and your partner. Oh, and smile in a relaxed mood. / Photo from: lighthouse in the storm

Thursday, April 17, 2014

1721. Vacations in the Holy Week

Here in Andalucía (south of Spain) we have vacations Monday through Good Friday. Plus the weekends before and after. In schools I mean. 

As I have adult students I haven’t set formal homework: they know when and how to study. Well, they should prepare a presentation of a topic their choice, for speaking for 2, 3… 10 minutes in English. Obviously they may speak for longer. 

The vacations are because of the Holy Week: we celebrate and make a memorial in some specific way of the Passion, Death on the Cross, and Resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead. / Photo from: lighthouse. www meteo-news gr