Monday, September 1, 2014

1947. Communication, communication, communication

Remember and bear in mind always that the goal of our school subject is practical: to win the capability of communicating with others in English. 

This subject thus is practical, though with a skeleton of grammar and lexis. 

When planning the annual academic course think as well of a progressive sequence toward communication, although there should be communication from the first day. / Photo from: Cinderella’s Disney Anniversary Castle the Disney world club. www fanpop com

Sunday, August 31, 2014

1946. Empieza un nuevo curso en España

Empieza un nuevo curso en los colegios e institutos de España. 

Por cierto que me permito escribir esta entrada en castellano. 

Me gusta verte ilusionado o ilusionada con el cambio. Sobre todo, en mi opinión, si estás en un centro privado, quizá podrías presentarte por dirección mañana lunes 1 de septiembre, y saludar al director o directora, a la vez que le transmites tus buenas disposiciones al comenzar el curso. 

Vas a poner todo de tu parte para que los alumnos aprendan, aprendan a aprender, aprendan tu asignatura. 

Tú, profesor o profesora de tal o cual idioma, haces bien en pensar en hablarles sólo en esa lengua, desde el minuto uno. / Fotografía de: www crystallinks com. Muralla china

Saturday, August 30, 2014

1945. Fulfilling our mission as professionals

All we as teachers do in class educates or the opposite to our students. It’s a result of what I wrote on the previous post, but focused now into the class. 

The way we plan a class (or we don’t plan classes), the way we work in the class, how we see our job, all that educates our students or does the opposite – does a harm to our students, hurts them in their education process, and we don’t want to do that, do we? 

/ Photo, as a mere illustration. buzz aldrin on the moon. First mission in the moon I think. This picture has become an icon of our times, like some of the pictures on previous posts

1944. The teacher's influence on kids

If I said on the previous post that the family influences a lot on the kids, now I’ve got to say that also the teacher influences too a lot on the students. 

Whatever he or she thinks, their vision of life and work, the way they carry out the class, all that influences on the kids’ education. 

What teachers do you remember from your school time? 

I would even say that the way the teacher is out of the school, the way he or she thinks, their private life… also all that influences on the students. All about that person stays in the classroom. / Photo: it’s an illustration, just that

Friday, August 29, 2014

1943. Both pulling the cart in the same direction

What the parents think and the way they do and the ideas they have, all that influences on their children. 

Because of that it’s so sound to have a tutoring session with them, as soon as possible, as frequent as possible. 

It’d be a pity we were trying to educate the kid in one way, whilst at the same time his parents and the whole family think otherwise. 

We ought to pull in the same direction. 

You can catch yourself insisting and educating in the virtue and value of order, while at home his room is a lion’s cage, and his parents don’t care much about that. I’ve seen similar cases. / Photo from: British Parliament. The picture is a mere illustration

1942. How to win a virtue?

How to win a virtue? A virtue is the easiness we have to fulfill some good action. 

Well, with a repetition of good actions you are winning that virtue. 

If a kid starts to study and do homework at a given time, one day after another, he’s winning the virtue of hard-working. With God’s help all becomes more simple. 

A specific virtue corresponds to a specific value. / Photo from: baker. forums robertsspaceindustries com