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3474. The Right Stuff for a Teacher: Something Gained over Time

I knew a teacher, a good one. He had authority and was not authoritarian. 

He knew his students and loved them truly, with benevolence love: he sought the best for them. His students used to respect him in the classroom and out of it. 

He was nice and kind, and knew how to somehow kid with his students out of that high school. He got along with his students. He got concerned about them. 

He was absolutely normal and regular. He used to try and teach his classes with some seriousness, kind he was, though. He had a natural respect from his students. 

In the classroom he tried his best. Since he took his lessons seriously he gained a nice prestige from his students. 

He faced his errors and mistakes, even some major problems. You may be thinking he was a superman, and he wasn’t at all. Here I’ve collected my remembrances about a teacher I had when I was 13 and 14, and I can add honestly that I have collected minor details from other teachers I’ve read about. 

So I don’t think I write from fant…

3473. The Teaching Profession Is Simply Great

Being a teacher is so great a profession. Anyway you always encounter conflicts. Also our students have them. 
We adults should have emotional self-control. And our dear students have also to learn how to have that kind of self-control. And they’ll be gaining it over time, with our help and aid as teachers. We’re educating young persons. 
We’ll achieve they have that self-esteem by helping them through private tutorials with each kid. I’ve seen it well through my career as a teacher. We teachers gained a lot of confidence with our students over the school year. And those kids ultimately gave vents to their inner conflicts. 
That work was carried out counting on their parents, as well through tutoring sessions with them. 
Male teachers had tutorials with male students and female teachers did with girls. And it worked and turned out fine. Every kid had his or her tutor. 
And we in that way got to quench some bullying, also because we talked with disruptive students as well. And we more or le…

3472. Towards Success at Learning

The teacher I think has to be human and humane. And if he does something wrong, he should apologize. 
As well in that way he will gain prestige before his students. But he will apologize in an honest way, not to seek to obtain that prestige in a selfish way. 
He loves his students, with benevolence love: seeking what is good for those students. 
Something else for today. H. D. Brown, an expert at learning languages himself used to say we learners have to find our own unique pathway to success. If a person fails to learn a language it is because he didn’t know how to learn. 
If that person does his best, he’ll be getting that pathway to success. 
And for learning a language something we can do – not only that, anyway – is to read novels in that language. We’ll encounter new words and words we didn’t know, but from the context we can – often – understand what they mean. 
It is something I do and it serves me to understand the text. Even I kind of guess what those words might mean, as if I alr…

3471. You Readers Deserve My Keeping Posting!

You dear readers deserve I keep posting. From time to time at least. 
Today I wanted to say, with so great expert Henry Douglas Brown, that the language teacher, like me an English-language teacher, should not confine to teach language facts but altogether teach and help his students to use and utilize the language, so in a practical way: languages exist to be used, to serve the purpose of communicating among human persons. 
Thus we have an also great job: language teachers. I love my job, I love my students. Have a nice week, fellow readers.

Like I said you deserve my posting, more if in any case it may be any useful to you. Is it so? I want to write for you!

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