Sunday, December 15, 2013

1553. What a relief!

Attend the tutoring sessions to help and assist sincerely. Listen to your student. 

It’s better and adecuate if a male teacher can listen to a male student and the same with regard to women. Because that student will reach confidence with you: if you have gotten to be frank with him, he can let you see his interior life. 

I remember a summer course as a remedial program for students with low grades and fails. The students lived in the school all the week long. There was sheer discipline. 

The students that had passed their tests had the permission to go with their parents out on the weekend. In this context, which was somehow hard and tough, the students gave vent to their problems and anxieties at the tutoring sessions: they did need some escape way like for example a nice conversation with their tutor. Some had problems with drugs. Tutoring sessions were like a balsam, a relief. / Photo from: tutoría www uttecamac edu mx
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