Thursday, April 20, 2017

3164. Dreaming Nice of Our Lessons!

Thinking about our lessons, in a peaceful and tranquil way may be pretty sensible.

Something I carry out sometimes is strolling along a park or the countryside, and while I’m doing so I think of my students with ample lenses, trying to think what else they can do at their learning and acquiring English as a foreign language.

Also I think of the lesson plans themselves. For example lately I’ve thought of insisting on learning strategies in the classroom, having my students ponder about those techniques, and why we do such and such activities in the lessons.

As well I think of how much they can give from themselves and which the goals should be, as I said, with more ample lenses. It’s kind of dreaming high about what they can give. I said I do this sometimes: actually walking along someplace I do it rarely (but a few times anyway), and what I do more regularly is thinking and meditating about my students and our classes, short it may be though.

I do so because I can think of higher goals about them all. By the way also I wanted to tell you today that considering ourselves as children of God can prepare us ourselves to face likely troubles and problems we can encounter in life and teaching. It may constitute a relaxing thing, alike because we can make prayer, this is, talking to and with him, as he loves us pretty much. / Photo from: Landscape

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