Thursday, January 3, 2013

949. People talk

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “We’ve been talking a lot about teaching and learning English in this blog – which can be applied to any other modern language.
Have you ever thought that language is something between two people – at least.
I guess it’s sound to focus on this point now. Two people at least, ok, but, what about a person that is reading? The answer is so simple, as many of you may have thought of: that person is reading what someone has written: two people again.
How can a person learn English, or even acquire it, on his own? He can learn a lot on his own, but coming to the head, that person will need at least one person who talk with. And in the clasroom obviously there’re many You’s to talk with.
Any person needs a You with whom to talk to, in other terms – I mean, a person cannot live with anybody else, as a principle, tentatively.
You and I as teachers of modern languages should think of all this, I would say.” / Photo from: simplebeachay72 blogspot com. average people talk about things   
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