Tuesday, October 29, 2013

1454. Bullying

Teacher B said to teacher A, “Bullying. In a school of the south of Spain where I worked for some unforgettable years we used to cut off any nuance among the students, when a few of them for example started on and teased one specific kid. 

We on one side called the victim kid to talk with him and also called his parents – his tutor did this latter thing. The idea was to have the kid relax and retrieve information from him about the bullying actions he had suffered. 

On the other side we summoned the suspected authors of the bullying, also to talk with them. We asked them some questions to learn about what could have disturbed the kid victim. 

We then, on following days, invigilated the play ground in a more focused way. 

Plus in those students’ classes we spoke about friendship and comradeship. 

Close to all the other classmates did know about these actions of bullying. Even the authors could receive some kind of punishment (more hours of study on Mondays, after the school schedule).”
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