Thursday, May 10, 2012

840. Are you eager to learn a language?

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “One difference in favor of good language learners? I believe a good learner does wish to learn, for example English or Hindi or... This is a remarkable and clear trait of that person. He or she makes good use of any situation where they can speak, or practice in general.

He offers himself to some South Korean gang in an ice-cream parlor to help them with their poor English, so as to order some ice-creams of this or that flavor... albeit in the end the assistant-girl also did speak English – this happened here in Granada, near Alhambra palaces. This learner takes notes in his diary or smartphone in English. And he likes to do so. He takes advantage of being on a British Airlines plane to talk to a flight-attendant in English. He listens to something recorded in his iPode, while traveling by bus.

He’s not lazy and speaks only in his L1. He does use English, and not only in the cases where it’s totally necessary to do it; he talks in English to his native teacher-colleagues, though these ones know Spanish too. So, alike all these things I said can also be the characteristics of a good non-native teacher of English. I’m telling you real examples of several people I know, though changing unimportant details. They hit the target. English isn’t only a tool to use while precisely teaching in the class. On top of that, his students of English can recognize this attitude and so be a nice example to them.” / Photo from: balancebiketrainer com. LearnToRide-300x248   
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