Wednesday, May 9, 2012

839. Learning to learn

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “A teacher of math, literature, English... cannot confine his work to pass on, to teach, information, knowledge, math operations, the theoretical part of English..., but he or she has to teach their students to learn; to learn what? That information, knowledge, linguistic competence for communication...

Obviously it’s true that the teacher for example tells his students about historical deeds, their connection to our present history, etc.

The English teacher’s mission is not just to teach English but also to teach how to learn English, and this latter thing in a practical way: aimed at communication. The point is not to teach information about the language but to teach to use English for communication between, among people.

Within this context, moreover the teacher’s role is to better his students, and he himself too. The first showing or sign of this bettering of the student is the learning itself, the fact of having learned. This latter idea was partially taken from pedagogist Víctor García Hoz. Our students are in our hands: we have the great labor of helping them become free and responsible persons. For granted, like you know, the first educators are their parents and siblings.” / Photo from: abroadblogs newpaltz edu. the person on the picture is Jasmine, one of the travelers that write in this blog, about international student excursions  
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