3411. Want Creativity at Teaching?

Teaching? Teaching is great, so much! Among other reasons because when we teach we are taught also. 

Look, we learn from our own teaching, hence in some way we are taught by ourselves. 

Also because we learn from our dear students. Who can say he has never learned from the classes he’s taught? We should also have enough humbleness so as to affirm that we have learned from a lesson we’ve just taught. 

Teaching is service to the community. 

Also as far as we teach one lesson after another we become better teachers, provided we want to improve our teaching. 

Practical things? Let’s plan next lesson, or next school year, with our students in mind. We may not know our coming students: thus let’s plan with the average student we think we may have. And we’ll adapt our teaching to real students in the classroom. 

We are going to be given students that we will have in our hands to educate: what a big and nice responsibility! / Photo from: acanela com Antarctica


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