3408. How to Teach with High Professionalism: Some Hint

A teacher has to know how to listen. Because his first role is listening to others, and assisting them. 

I know a nice number of teachers who know how to listen to their students, their families, other colleagues, admins, and everybody else. 

The teacher will listen to the kids for example, in an attentive way, realizing and learning what’s going on with their lives at the school – with prudence anyway. 

At the beginning of the school year he learns their names quite nicely, because he gets interested in the persons he has in charge. 

He doesn’t confine his job to teaching and disappearing through the door when his “block” has been delivered to his students. 

He’s prone to take in charge his students’ issues, problems and joys alike. He teaches with high standards of professionalism and with affection, with a clever and insightful affection – with prudence anyway. / Photo from: Reddit. I posted that picture because pilots also have to fly planes in a very professional way, under sheer discipline.


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