Friday, July 13, 2018

3410. Kids Learning How to Learn

We teachers want to help our students learn how to learn, right? Also how to study a lesson, right? 

Well then, if I were a student, how would I study myself? We may think of it and thus we could help our students learn how to study. 

If I were a student I would study in a mode and way I could not accomplish when I was a kid. 

In that way we can help our students greatly and enrich their studying. 

For if I was a student I would study: with some benign sense of humor, by relating and associating new things with already learned material, with big effort, with nice concentration and focusing, by associating new things together, by making nice diagrams, with nice curiosity at learning new things… 

All those points can help and enrich my students, in their inner struggle at learning how to study. / Photo from: Sixt rent a car Iceland. Did you know that in Iceland they speak a language which has the same origin as English? They are Germanic languages.

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