Monday, July 2, 2018

3405. Be Positive with Errors and Mistakes

Our students make errors and mistakes. Every learner makes them. Also we teachers do. 

We have to be positive toward those errors and mistakes. They may be some evidence that they are learning. And they may take advantage of them… to keep on learning. 

When returning tests to our students after correction we may correct them in the classroom, among all students and us teachers. On the board or chalkboard while they are checking on their test papers. 

And remember that we teachers might fall in being too perfectionist, and that’s not good. Because we might be educating too perfectionist learners. And that’s not good, as you may guess. 

Once a subdirector of the school I taught even told me that I might try to attract my students’ attention and try for them to focus on their work, of course, but those kids ultimately were free to do it. 

We of course have to make our students focus on the work but trying they might focus because they will and wish to focus. In a free way. Freely and with responsibility. 

Think of it, briefly and intuitively. / Photo from: Huffington Post UK

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