Friday, July 6, 2018

3407. Our Job as Teachers? So Great!

It's great we teachers get in touch through forums on the Internet to help those who truly want to learn! 

Yet from time to time, even often, we can find students with serious shortcomings or deficiencies, right? 

Those kids that cannot implement even the simplest activities I mean. 

I’m thinking of some example I’ve faced. I think now I would approach that case in a different way and mode. That happened many years ago. 

Those kids may need psychological help. Those kids may suffer from their own failures. 

The first approach must be given from affection and professionalism. Even those kids may reach far when adults. Now - and always! - they deserve all our affection and dedication, although we may have many more students. 

At tutoring sessions also we can help them great. Just smiling and with small laughing with them at those meetings may help them great too. We have to find their strong points, because they may have hidden resources, which have to be taken afloat and at view. 

As well we should arrange an appointment with their parents. As we can see, tutoring both with the kid and with his parents are kind of mandatory: it is something we have just to do. 

Each kid is a universe. Oh, and let’s count on our colleagues to help those kids! That is a common enterprise for a teacher team. Remember also that those psychological cases may be difficult to understand. They do need our dedication. / Photo from: the-ultimate-guide-to-driving-in-iceland Guide to Iceland

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