3497. Toward Happy Communication between the Teacher and the Students

Let us not forget that we teachers of a second or a foreign language have to foster communication among people, among persons. 

Persons with all that that means. People’s dignity pushes up teachers to consider that being a human person entails a lot, quite a lot!

For example when treating our students in the classroom as well as out of the classroom along the school facilities, halls, corridors, common rooms, offices… we teachers have to empathize with those people, with those singular and significant persons. Also with very nice and exquisite respect toward them.

Also along the school year – which now is coming to an end here in Spain – we have to take into account what we learn and get to know about all those people. Let's listen to them carefully and by keeping what they say to us or to other teachers.

A teacher cannot treat those people like they were numbers or, even worse, steps upon which I can move up a selfish career toward my own selfish satisfaction. 

We are at the school to serve other people, other persons. If we understand this latter point, service, we will achieve to do our best at school. And those people, those persons, will be happier, and besides we teachers ourselves will be happier too. Have a nice week, fellow readers.


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