3499. Enhancing Rich Vocabulary in the Classroom

We teachers have to encourage our students to learn the second or foreign language. But it’s these latter ones who have to want to learn. 

Learning vocabulary is one point that deserves their attention and effort. Each word they learn is a step forward. 

In order to have a vast lexis they have to learn word by word. I insist on purpose: each word which is learned is a step toward success at learning a language. No words, no language. Many words, a lot learned. 

And a skill that promotes learning many words is reading massively and intensely. For example novels, or simplified and abridged readers. With contents that are respectful to our dear students. 

When reading is a skill that has been largely fostered and practiced, the learner learns and acquires words even in an unaware way. And that learner is acquiring the language sense, this is, the capability of learning in a thorough way and the capability of using the language for communication with other people. 

Also with that language sense the learner gets capable of saying whether something is correct or not in the target language. That "something" may be a sentence for example.

Then the learner is gaining a great capability of learning words, many words. And he or she is getting a great capability of utilizing those words for further communication with more people. 

Thus the learner is more and more getting a huge store or depot of words, which are essential for that nice communication. And when speaking or writing, the learner is able to retrieve words that are useful for his or her communication. 

Summing up: for our students we could foster reading books, both fiction and nonfiction. And always with contents that are respectful with the human dignity, and, in principle, in accordance with what their parents want for their kids, also if that is in accordance to human persons’ dignity. We are educating people. Have a nice week.  


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