312. He has made us happier

One day teacher A said to teacher B,

Every person leaves some trace in history, either some good or some bad dregs. You influence on history, on humankind. Just with your everyday work. You serve society, with your teaching. You connect people with your teaching a language.

If you fulfill your work nice, you make goodness to people, although your work could seem insignificant for all the people in the world. And moreover, you are teaching your students also to leave some good in history. It’s not necessary to do something Big. But you can do something Great. Attending your post of work one day after another day.

Tell your students that they alike can serve society with the language they are learning.”

Thanks for the picture to images allmoviephoto com. Peter Jackson is the genius director of the movie of The Lord of the Rings. I certainly know that he directed The Fellowship of the Ring, but I don’t know whether the sequels.


bettyb said…
I agree. We all make a difference, and what we say and how we say it does matter. The picture is just awesome.:) (I am Betty on Teacherlingo but couldn't figure out how to comment with that URL.)

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