Saturday, June 2, 2012

849. I can still learn many English words

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Many adult learners of English tell me they have problems with memory: Only if they could remember as many things as they did when they were younger, like words, names, numbers...!, they tell me. Also my young students say they have problems with memory.

You can train your memory, I tell them, you can train it up to some extent, to much extent often. A colleague of ours, a non-native teacher of English says she can remember a new word just with having seen it a single time. With time passing she’ll likely forget that term, but she can remember it well again the next time she sees it again, or she needs it again! For example, a student of hers asks her for a word in English, and she, at once, can remember that very word she had learned somewhere, some time before.

She says she’s used to keeping on learning new words: she carries on reading, writing, saying words she’s continuously learning. She also says learning English or any other language is a life-long fantastic task. I plainly agree with her, don’t you?” / Photo from: badabingrecords com
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