Monday, June 25, 2012

860. Developing learning styles

Each learner of a language has his unique learning style. We too if are learners of a language should discover that unique style. A lot depends on it. I learned all this partially by reading H. D. Brown’s book, published in 1989, A Practical Guide to Language Learning. A Fifteen-Week Program of Strategies for Success. New York: McGraw-Hill. He wrote

as you discover how certain learning styles provide important keys to foreign language success, try to figure out what your own particular styles are. You’ll then get a sense of how you can capitalize on your uniqueness and develop your own personal pathway to success. (Page 31).

You, teacher, could keep this idea in mind when each one of your students is conducting in a given way in order to learn the target language. You may observe how this girl does this and the other one over there does the same activity in a different way, and that other boy has some problems at carrying out the same activity. Respect each one’s growing learning style, teach learning strategies and, all the time, try to get the best from your students, from each and every one of them. / Photo from: answers com. 8 year old girls in classroom writing in notebook   

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