Saturday, June 23, 2012

859. Dreaming of the summer

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “A few weeks ago one teacher asked me why more English in the summer for the boys of that bilingual school where they speak English in some subjects... Well, just because of that, because many of those boys can already speak some English, at B1 or B2 levels (within the Common European Framework), and that experience means more practice, chiefly concerning speaking, and in small groups.

Now I remember that a nice number of years ago the students that had spent a fortnight in one of those summer camps arrived at the first school classes of English in September rather strong at this language: some weeks before they had been speaking in English with their teachers-monitors, and that in a relaxing atmosphere of vacations, with a lot of sport and other educative activities.

On those days a small team of students from the US came to Spain to teach English; they were students of different college degrees and came mainly from Texas. Now the team of teachers that run those summer programs entrust the teaching to native teachers of a prestigious school of languages of a town, nearby the camp.” / Photo from: L. P., a friend of mine; it’s a Spanish galleon I’d say of the 16th century, even the 17th century. Does anyone have any idea?
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