Wednesday, July 23, 2014

1866. My son doesn't love me anymore?

When teens do something wrong or misbehave at home, some parents think, "What did I do wrong in his education?", amd moms think, "My son doesn't love me anymore." 

The point is that adolescents experience a lot of changes: physiological, feelings, self-concept, etc. Even they do not understand themselves often. 

Now parents continue to be very necessary. 

Maybe you did well when still a child, and your son loves you and needs you; the thing is that adolescents experience those changes and are confused in some way, and show themselves arrogant often. 

Adolescence is not a disease, it's just a period of time. You, father and mother, have to talk with him a lot, and listen to him. He needs you both a great deal. / Photo from: Italian landscape. hdlandscapesphotos com
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