Friday, January 20, 2012

784. It's beautiful to learn

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Last Wednesday I carried out the class in a different way as usual. The thing with my three students is that they are in need of learning how to study in their course books; also to practice the grammar and vocab they’re learning. Those grammar and lexis are common everyday language, and so they need them as the basement for near future communication with people in English.

As well they have to pass the subject of English of their schools, as a first premise. Study and practice will make for pass the subject and near future authentic communication.

I had them sit at a long rectangular table in a study hall of our center. While they were working on their books they also asked me questions, such as ‘I don’t understand this exercise’ [in Spanish]. ‘Ok, read it again, and over and over’, I told him. ‘Use the dictionary’ too. In the end, as I gave him some small prompt about the exercise, he did understand it: ‘Oh, I see now!’

Next time, with this learned experience, I’ll have him to do it on his own. It’s something great to know things in the classroom are as these, often.” / Photo from: exmoorencyclopedia org uk

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