Tuesday, January 31, 2012

788. Following basic rules may help educating

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Yesterday a student looked like annoyed with another teacher’s despotic ways to do things, he said. The kid turned to me to give vents to his anger. I caught myself talking with this kid about the school rules - after having talked about my colleague’s things.

At the end of the conversation I think he understood the necessity of some basic rules to carry out everyday’s working together in a nice way. As well the rules would be necessary to help students to grow up with inner life and to become better people, better persons. The rules, say for example, the schedule, arriving on time, respecting others (first respecting the teachers), neatness in the classroom, small jobs for the kids, are aimed to create a sane atmosphere for growing up as responsible people.

Ultimately the student (and the teacher alike) that struggles to fulfill the rules... feels free!: I wish to live this way just because I wish – I’ve chosen to follow those rules. And I believe that student (or that teacher) will feel better with themselves and with their classmates (or colleague teachers). The atmosphere of the class in this way should be collaborative and helping one another – most often.” / Photo from: palmbeach k12 fl us. dwyane wade dunking. Playing as a team helps reach success.

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