Saturday, May 5, 2012

836. A worksheet for my adult students

Here is a worksheet I’ll hand out to my adult students next week. Most of them have a university degree and are retired. They love to have something physical like a sheet to work on. Among my dear students you can find advanced-level ones to false-beginners. We have fun; we try to learn useful expressions and practice speaking. They are about 12 students.

Worksheet # 137
Composed on May 5, 2012

1.    Describe “table” with: board – have – four – legs – wood
2.    Describe “peace” with: countries – no war – cooperation
3.    Now “web-site” with: Internet – company – offers – computer – shopping – look for
4.    Give directions to a couple of tourists to go from Ofecum place to Jardines del Triunfo. [I teach at that center as a volunteer, and the latter name is a nice place in Granada, Spain]
5.    If you want to make a woolen scarf or a woolen sweater by hand, you have to know how to:
knit             cose          pierce        needle
6.    Describe a picture from the magazine: the pic the teacher will tell you.
7.    Now another student: say more things about the picture.
8.    The rest of the students: say the things of the picture that you can remember.
9.    Describe an abstract concept, like for example “liberty” or “commitment”.
10.                      Invent a short story [by speaking!] with these words: friends – old castle – the sun was hidden – flash-lights – brave – gang – get into – objects of gold – waves

/ Photo from: news bbc co uk
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