Tuesday, May 29, 2012

848. Approaching the end of the year

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “The academic year’s coming to an end. A few years ago, in the middle of May, one family asked me to teach private classes of English to their eldest son. That implied we were in the countdown of the term, and the final exams were near.

I held a first interview with him. I was tired of the year, I told him. What’s more, I could actually teach him few classes. What to do, by me, enough to help him pass the subject of English? Ok, I told him (in Spanish), I can help you with your English just a little: now, more than ever before, you must take the best from you, so as to assist me to teach you and so help you hit the target of a positive result in your final exam. He had to exploit and utilize his human personal potentials at studying. He had got to help me in my teaching him...

I guess this thought pushed him up to carry on more focused in the way he was studying and learning. It was true I was done, and I frequently utilized these ideas to help him learn how to study.” / Photo from: web comhem se. subway. Maybe a stop is near for these passengers 
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