Monday, May 21, 2012

845. Teens are making their lives

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “Our teens, our adolescents, seem they rather prefer not to depend on us, adults - firstly on parents, also on teachers. They are discovering their ‘ego’, their ‘me’ as an independent person. They trust in their friends more than in their families. Some moms claim: Now my son doesn’t love me any more, what’s going on!?, and they get so down.

Teenagers wish to look different than when they were children; they wish to sense so original, so authentic; they look arrogant. These things are because they feel a great insecurity, and they want to say Here I Am!

All this is not always that way. No, no. What does our adolescent kid expect from us? He or she expects us to help him or her concerning their capabilities and capacities as singular persons! They expect to be helped as persons, with their personal traits. Don’t get upset when dealing with them: they depend on you, teacher, on you, parents and families. According to some studies, teens trust in their families more than on their friends, albeit they seek to stay with their friends and classmates. Don’t break down.

In many schools male teachers make the tutorials with boys, and in other schools female teachers with girls, because you could get a big confidence and intimacy with the corresponding boy or girl.

I took something of these ideas from pedagogist Gerado Castillo, and some are mine.” / Photo from:  cloudsuper com au. There Is Also a Lot of Hard Work Involved Wallpaper_9nfnd    
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