Sunday, May 6, 2012

837. Hopefully shedding some light to your classes

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “One way to avoid your classes be a boredom or something of mere routine can be this. Look. For example, tomorrow in your class you can do something different: ask your teens, or either your adult students, what strategies or techniques they use for learning English: for learning new words, for retrieving them, for defining things, for understanding what you say, what they read… At that moment you can be smiling, and this question is like a challenge to them: What do you think about the way you understand me, and about this and that, etc. – so what learning strategies you utilize in the class of English to learn it.
They likely will participate and this fact will push others to say more things about this topic – learning strategies. In this way as well they may become aware that they do use tricks or small inadvertent techniques when dealing with language and communication in the classroom.
First try to bring out this discussion in English; try this discussion be in the target language.
This discussion, about ‘serious’ and realistic things they actually do in the classes can help them become conscious they’re investing a big and nice effort in daily learning and using English, because it’s something useful and practical.
Summing up: try to bring up some humor, positive views about learning English, the usefulness of learning a language for authentic communication, some joy, some kind of stirring up their brains… Hopefully they’ll appreciate all this conducting in that class. Or they’ll do with passing time.
Students expect much from you, though they can show all the contrary in the classes. This kind of activities provide more sense and meaning to the classes, as though they thought ‘Okay, we used to do useful and meaningful things in the subject of English’. Remember, do something lively out of the daily class routine.” / Photo from: mainedoenews net. teacher and student talking in class.
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