925. A particular atmosphere

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “The best thing you all can do in your school regarding misbehavior and that rather strained and tense atmosphere... is to suffocate and choke that atmosphere with fresh air.

You can try: turn to tutoring sessions with the students and their parents, demand some basic discipline rules, the class-representatives’ assistance to their classmates, love of benevolence that does not mean being naive, be respectful, set good examples of polite treating the kids, some elegant or correct atmosphere, ‘exploit’ the good atmosphere that many of the students create, assign some educative punishment and correction...

So, is there some naughty atmosphere among some students?: head for them with the aforementioned ‘weapons’: all already said suits a type of school like yours.

Oh, and try to create an atmosphere of serene work in classes, where the students can think.” / Photo from: Solder_grissom-w-capsule. nasa project mercury astronaut virgil gus grissom


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