Wednesday, November 14, 2012

929. I've got to loop the loop

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “A few days ago I was walking to the center where I teach classes: some of them are for practicing speaking in English, both they and me. And some other classes are private, individual: the student and I work on the course books and notebooks of their school. These latter classes are for reinforcing the school subject of English.

The boys are of 10 years of age. While I was walking to the center that evening I was thinking about all this stuff, and how I could achieve those goals: speaking in English and getting good grades in the subject of their schools.

With the classes as a group I try they listen and speak English as much as possible. This year I still haven’t gotten all the class as a group be all in English. I’ve had few classes with them yet, so I will keep on trying that all I say and all they say be in English.

I’ll let you know how classes turn out to be like. Their level of speaking in English is low. I’ve got to loop the loop.” / Photo from: argentinaindependent com. When-the-cars-or-bikes-werent-on-sight-the-plane-was-getting-all-the-attention-from-the-people. by-Irena-Baxi      
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