Thursday, November 15, 2012

930. He has practiced a lot to do this

The next day teacher B went on by telling teacher A what follows and which continues what they were talking about on post # 929.

“As I told you, some of the classes are private, individual, and I usually try to help each student with his school subject of English. Obviously it’s another teacher the one who teaches him English. So I’ve got to learn as much as possible concerning the subject of his school, because it’s of a paramount importance to get to know how he’s going in that subject.

Also the student is new for me. As the private classes are taking place I try to find out things like:
whether he has a test soon,
whether he has some homework,
how he feels in the classes,
I see and observe what his course books are like,
his grades so far,
whether he should study some point harder,
we revise the stuff he’s learning lately,
maybe he can do an exercise or drill his teacher has not set yet as something to do either in the class or as homework, what his handwriting is like,
his spelling,
the difficulties he may encounter,
how he behaves in the classes,
his positive qualities,
in which aspects he’s better at, etc.

If I wish to really help him I must learn all those former points, plus other ones that will come up with the time passing.” / Photo from: noticias es msn com. ski jump      
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