Friday, November 9, 2012

927. A delicate and tactful work by you at school

One day teacher of English B said to teacher of English A, “Your treatment with your students should be one with elegance but firmness at the same time, all the time respecting your students. In this way, more likely they'll respect you too.

Consider that you're treating with people, who're young but not unaware of the way you treat them.

I’d tell you that you ought not to shout at them, at least usually. Shouting at a student is like a blow to him, one friend of mine used to say – he’s a teacher too. A very few times a shout can suit a situation, when you must use your fortitude, in order to stop something wrong and serious at once.

And, if possible, take the kid you shouted at, later or on another day, and be a bit specially kind and nice with him, just a few nice words or a greeting, so as to avoid that kid could get hurt by your correction.

Youngsters don’t like being shouted at – well, like anybody else, does he? Even sometimes they could feel serious fear because of your being rude and unpolite, if that was the case. So as to create a nice atmosphere of work, be polite and nice, but be firm and act with fortitude.” / Photo from: drylife com. man painting house exterior improvement    
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