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936. Another coat of painting on something already said

I publish a post that can be useful for teachers of advanced levels of English or any other language. The text was published January 8, 2011, on a post from this very blog. I’ve changed minor things. / Photo from: thisoldhouse com. perfect interior painting


537. Practicing for the near future

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Here is a set of activities I helped to compose for a three-week course of English; a set of activities directed to the advanced students. We tried to think of high level activities, professional ones inasmuch as possible; as well it should be useful for the students’ near future. This document was included in the book I wrote for teachers of modern languages.

Apéndice 18

Objetivos para un curso de inglés de verano

May 18, 2007


Advanced group. Professional-like. Demand the following three objectives from the NN Academia’s teacher. Core point: help the students learn and practice professional English, in view of social current realistic demands, plus what their parents told us they expected from the course.


1- The students prepare a speech about one matter of their choice, from their favorite school subject. Then they convey the dissertation. Follow-up exploitation by the teacher, making everybody intervene to criticize the lecture. The students have been jotting down notes while the speech was in progress, to later say the general scheme or a brief outline. The teacher asks them questions about the lecture. The students ask the lecturer further questions or otherwise the lecturer asks his colleagues questions about his own speech.


2- The students prepare and learn how to compose an invented utter and extensive resume, as if they were university graduates or post-graduates eagerly applying for a job. They have to present the resume (CV) and give further details about it, responding to an imaginary employer. Exploitation by the teacher and the students follows up this discourse.


3- The students prepare and undergo a job interview to enter a company of their choice. Furthermore, their classmates explain whether they would choose the applicant or not, and why. The teacher acts out as though he was a bit tough employer.
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