Monday, December 24, 2012

945. A good teacher again

Here you have a translation into English of the main contents of post # 943. / Photo from: telegraph co uk. young girl writing     
1.   The teacher has a teaching love to kids, teens and youngsters. In few words it’s a profound tendency toward discovering and focusing on the inmaturity of learners, plus toward their capability of self-growth. This tendency implies certain psychological capability of view, and being able to understand and comprehend each person.
2.   A tendency toward values. The educator must love and practice values if he wishes to pass them on to learners.
3.   Temper, personality. Someone who is not educated cannot educate.
4.   Sense of humor. This is a feature that defends from arrogance and being too serious but without real contents or essence. It’s like a resource to hinder from becoming a too strict and unchangeable person. Due to sense of humor we are able of focusing on everyday little things and daily problems. That teacher is capable of focusing on little things, childish things, and unfinished or non-rounded up things.
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