Friday, December 28, 2012

947. One more story

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I was recalling that teacher that knew how to listen to her students.

She was attentive when a student told her something at a tutoring session, or another student told her that he had not done the assigned homework. The teacher asked him why, and it was crystal clear she was attentively listening to his reasons and trying to make the big picture of those reasons.

She peered and gazed at him, like I said, as if she was trying to find out the deep reasons of this failure. All concerning her students was important to her. She was pretty attentive to her students and her colleagues. I guess one male teacher fell in love with her because of this attitude of hers. They got together at the staff’s hall and the guy, who was a novice teacher, one day told her some problems he had had.

I think the next time at that hall he got stunned because he was asked how things were going – even she asked about some punctual thing he wouldn’t think she would remember. She had been teaching at that school for a couple of years or so.” / Photo from: sedl org. three teachers talking.
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