Saturday, October 15, 2016

3011. Teaching with High Professionalism

When you teach English to grown-ups, you may realize that you have to also talk with them for instance to check out whether they can understand you in classes.
And you can do this in English too, at a basic and easy-to-understand level, because there might be (likely so!) different levels of English and different grades of achievement.
But if you discern that you need to speak in Spanish (their mother language) about this point you may speak in this their mother language, in a discussion mode, and collaborative too!
With adults you have to conduct in another way than from kids, evidently!
Although they’re adults likely they’ll put themselves in your hands, and they, well, some of them, will accept whatever you tell them: they will be content with whatever you do in classes. Let’s be honest and morally correct: let’s give them a lot, and avoid giving them less than they deserve. They deserve good and very professional classes, ones taught with a lot of professionalism.
Not all these students will feel content with whatever you do at classes: some of them in some way can be very critical and questioning. The point here is listening to them and more now than ever before try to do your best, and from time to time you all in class can discuss about how things are going – some or many or most of them are very collaborative and friendly!
And always, and remember this point, we teachers, with grown-ups, have to be affective and concerned about themselves. Summing up, be prone to listen to their needs and expectations and wishes, concerning classes. Just one more point: plan your lessons – they will appreciate your commitment in a great way! They just are great! / Photo from: boeing 777 wallpaper zone. As you all know, pilots work with a great deal of professionalism.
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