1952. For young people but not only...

Dear young people, from children to old people but with ideals yet, and a hunger and thirst for beauty, goodness, the noble. 

I’m a teacher but I do not consider myself, say, a master. I just want make you think. 

Adolescence seems typical age for misbehavior in classes, right? Did you know that you too, teens, are disruptive because you have grand ideals, tentatively? 

You seek the beautiful, the noble, and the good. 

You teens are living a period of time typical of searching for values, and virtues, but sometimes you do not hit the target. 

I know young people who donate to others; even more: youth is a period of time when one is capable to donate himself or herself to others. To be honest I would tell you that you shall find those values in Jesus Christ, true God, true man. 

Read the four gospels, and if you want more, read the short version (compilation?) of the Catechism of the Catholic Church. That first book is a compilation of the big book, the Catechism. Feel free, anyway, I would whisper to you. 

Sorry for my mistakes and errors: I keep learning the stupendous English. Oh, and I add that western society and the whole world need to meet Jesus Christ, and that western society lack values, don’t they? / Photo from: Jakub Nekvapil Grass Skiing World Championships 2009 Slalom. commons wikimedia org


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