Monday, September 8, 2014

1959. An awesome picture plus a text

Communication within family is paramount. 

Yes, but how to start and hold the conversation where the children talk about their things? 

Depending on countries, either lunch or dinner can be a good chance, or other times where the family are together. Switch off the TV, first premise. 

Listen to your kids, parents, for whatever they talk is important. Ask them how the school was that day. 

Once a kid told that the person he loved the most was the caretaker of the residence, even more than his parents. Why? His parents were so busy all day out home. He saw them little and talked less. 

However the caretaker listened to the kid, and the first asked things to the kid, and they had an interesting talking. The caretaker was the person who used to listen to the kid’s stuff and knew how to ask, just simply and plainly. / Photo from: www businessinsider com. A picture of Chicago. The photo is just an illustration.
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