Sunday, September 28, 2014

1994. Why smiling?

We as parents and teachers have got to educate our young people, right? 

Happiness has a lot to do with education: the person grows up and has got to build up his or her happiness. 

We as adults can lead them through the wild river of life, warn them about dangers, give them prompts about nice harbors and landscapes. 

Problems and trouble we’ll always have – it’s so simple to understand, but how well do we accept them? 

In order to be happy the pathway isn’t not having problems but a heart in love, enamored with everyday pits and ups, or better said: with a positive and smiling attitude to face them up. 

Plus we people tentatively do not live lonely but we have people that can help us, and above that we can always count on the Friend that doesn’t betrays us: God our Lord. 

And remember that whenever we fail or miss the target we can go back to try again. Besides we Christians have the sacrament of penance, of joy, of confession: our father God forgives us our sins if we are repented. / Photo from: african-american woman smiling beautypulselondon com
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