Saturday, September 13, 2014

1968. Just people talking

The first premise is to accept me myself, this is, to have a nice self-esteem. 

If we struggle at some point in order to improve ourselves we are on the correct pathway. 

We’ve got to accept us: image, traits, personality, situation, job, my family, my wife, my boss, my pet, my thinking… yet we might not like ourselves. 

Let’s accept us as we are. However it’s sound to try to improve on specific points, like for example to be nice at home, and not quarrel with my wife. 

If I quarrel with her, after some time I should beg for her forgiving me and peacefully expose my vision. 

Also there will be good communication with myself. I’ll feel happier and more satisfied, and therefore we make us more capable to help out others. / Photo from: people talking. www beauty com
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