Tuesday, September 30, 2014

1997. For learning English? Immersion

I try there be immersion in my classes of English. From the very beginning. And not only the activities but also the regular conducting of the class. 

Perhaps something needs more explaining: then I use other ways of saying the same message: writing cognates on the whiteboard (similar words to the ones in our mother language, like “presentation” and “presentación”), synonyms, 
drawing puppets on the whiteboard, 

Now I’m referring to my classes with adults, who are pretty motivated. 

Some work is created so in classes: my explaining and their trying to understand. 

If somebody says something in Spanish, our mother tongue, I ask him please to try to explain in English, with my help. With immersion we create an environment where English is the communication bridge, nearly as if we be in an English-speaking country. / Photo from: teacher-explaining-grammar-to-student www lifed com
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