Tuesday, September 16, 2014

1975. A worksheet you can use

Here is a worksheet I'd like to utilize in my classes with adults. You can use it, change something, copy, print, steal... Sorry for likely formatting bugs. The picture is from 2001 Space Odyssey  (1968), as you may know well.

Worksheet # 161
At the airport. Useful expressions
Begun on September 9, 2014
1.    At the phone. I want to check the departure time of flight HK-235 to London.
2.    To a friend. Thank you for everything. I’ll call you when I arrive.
3.    Her friend. Have a good flight!
4.    In a taxi. Take me to the airport, please! I’m in a bit of a hurry.
5.    Which check-in desk do I need for flight 235 to London, please?
6.    Which airline/company are you flight with?
7.    Excuse me, where are the trolleys, please?
8.    Where is the information desk, please?
9.    Would you prefer a window seat or an aisle seat?
10. There will be a delay of 30 minutes.
11. Boarding is at gate 15 at 12.50.
12. Can I see your boarding card, please?
13. This is the last call for passengers on flight 235 to London. Please proceed to gate 15 immediately.
14. An air-hostess. Please fasten your seat belts and switch off your cell phones and all electronic devices.
15. There is a life jacket under your seat.
16. The emergency exits are located…
17. Please put your table and seat in an upright position, and fasten your belts for landing.
18. Please remain in your seats until the airplane comes to a halt.
19. At the custom office. Do you have anything to declare?
20. Where will you be staying?
21. What is the purpose of your visit?
22. Tourism / To study / To visit relatives.


My name is Ann. We went to the airport to pick up Suzanne: she would stay with us in our house of Barcelona. When we arrived at the airport of El Prat, we started to find her. She would dress in jeans and in a red blouse. I accompanied my father because she is one of my best friends. I know her well, obviously. However nearly every girl looked like her or at least I thought so. She would stay in our house for a fortnight. We would go horseback riding to the countryside. This countryside is all green, with fences made of stones. We together would have a nice fortnight I thought. We met in Barcelona, in a Spanish course. My father was one of the teachers. The course was a bit hard – anyway we learned a lot of Spanish. My family comes from the area of Brighton and we’re English. 
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