Wednesday, September 10, 2014

1961. What to do at free time?

According to Teresa Artola and me leisure and free time are moments and times to do useful things. 

Relaxing is not doing anything, but changing into less stressful activities. 

A positive boy or girl is not the person who does nothing, but they know how to make good use of time. 

On the street and parks you can see teens that are doing… nothing. The better boy or girl always are thinking what to do at their free time. 

More specific activities? It depends on the kids but we might have: sport, modeling, writing comics, soccer and basketball, visiting a poor family or a vagabond, fixing things for money among the neighbors, excursions, washing cars, research about an old monument of the town, some videogames, currently cleaning swimming-pools, doing small jobs at bars, etc. / Photo from: zero-helicopter-by-hector-del-amo1 www tuvie com
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