Tuesday, September 1, 2015

2537. Educating for Future

I would like to pinpoint that our mission as teachers is not only teaching math, sciences, communicating in English… but to educate people who will direct our country and out of Spain as well. Either locally, either globally. 

And for that reason we educate our dear students as thorough and mature persons – people who are free and responsible about their choices – as well as happy people. 

We educate them as if they were adults – now I’m referring to high school and college. 

People that are valid interlocutors with high standards, as interlocutors with God too (by praying). 

We teachers can offer this education if we try to live as such people, as such models. A person can give what he has, otherwise he cannot educate in that way. / Photo from: help-man-in-office moviepix com
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