Monday, September 14, 2015

2581. Thank you all!!

Thank you all who publish so many posts, blogs, web sites… They make up a wisdom all together, plus a technical insight for classes. 

I was going to say on this post that a simple “thank you” (“gracias” in Spanish) lubricates family relationships a lot. 

I think the root of many of our home struggles is because of a decaying politeness, of a lack of politeness maybe. 

I would say that in many marriages, to prevent and hinder from a splitting up the couple, many of these problems would be mended by using politeness and niceness. 

I’m not a hidden prophet or the sort but it’s just what I can see often, so often, and what we friends and colleagues talk about. 

Remember to thank the other partner, and “yield the way” to him or her, and learn, let’s learn to ask for forgiveness and expect so. / Photo from: dental-family-care. did you notice their teeth!?
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