Tuesday, September 15, 2015

2584. Just a Reading Day: They Adore Stories

Reading comics and the like. 

Some years ago – we had the school subject of English five days out of five – one day every term (?), I used to bring a collection of readers, comics, books, to the classroom. It was an expected day. 

I delivered each reader or book to my students from a class-group, according to their level of English – they were mixed-ability classes. Obviously I knew my students’ level of English. 

The point was as I said to deliver readings to each kid. It was the reading day, though we didn’t call it so. It was a day when each kid could read whatever they liked and picked from my desk. 

I did not control too much – I let them read whatsoever they asked for or as I said they picked a booklet from my desk. 

And they did read, believe me. 

Suspiciously some student had finished a thin reader so fast, but I cared little that special day. / Photo from: books simonandschuster com
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