Monday, October 1, 2012

910. My job is people would communicate with one another

One day teacher of English A said to teacher of English B, “I’m not a native speaker of English, like you well know, but while I’m listening to someone speaking in that language I often understand what’s he or she’s saying.

It isn’t simple to describe: all helps to understand: I grab words, expressions, body language, phrases, idioms, vocabulary, gestures, the context, the thread of the discourse, I don't understand many things too... but you know what? A few days ago I heard a couple of British people talking, and at the beginning I didn’t understand them! And it was just because now I’m used to hearing Americans talking.

I feel like I’ve got to recycle my practice in order to be able to understand the inventors of the English language. After a while I started to understand their British accent.

Something interesting I noticed was they used quite many glotal stops and similar stops, proper of British English. Just it’s something interesting, curious I was not so used to hear lately. It is like if you pronounce 'cotton', as 'co'on': you don't hear the 't', you hear a glotal stop: 'co on'.” / Photo from: wutulurav comyr com. writing japanese characters. learn japanese in osaka.    
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