Sunday, October 21, 2012

920. As if by playing in the classes

Hi Charlie Sheen and everybody else,

As a matter of fact something else could be said about this kid I referred to on post # 919. The point here is helping the kid realize he can actually work and do specific things in the classroom.

This kid had problems at studies – even a possible Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity Disorder (I stopped seeing him in class rather soon).

What things did this kid aged 9 do in the classroom? The first premise is that all the class as long as it was, was only in English. So I had to rely a lot on the whiteboard, realia, gestures... to make me be understood by him.

I remember one activity we used to do was TPR: Total Physical Response, assisted by my physical examples. For instance I told him, ‘Okay, Luis (invented name), now take this chair and put it at that corner’, and also I had to carry out the instruction before he understood.

So as to finish, I would tell you, in the short period I taught him, he acquired some English, plus he got used to hearing in English – both he and I are Spanish. Any further question? / Photo from: revistadelacarolina com. snowboard  
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